Monday, November 29, 2010

Taco Bell dieter: I ran the NYC Marathon!

The late-night drive-thru at Taco Bell could be the ruin of any crazed dieter hunting a Chalupa. But for Christine Dougherty, 28, of Pensacola, Fla., her taco habit helped take her to the finish line of the New York City Marathon and a 105-pound athletic body she'd never had before. Although she isn't the first to drop serious weight on a one-stop fast food plan - recall Jared Fogle of Subway fame - she is one of the few to put those questionable "diet" menus to the test.

About three years ago, at 159 pounds, Christine had never run a full mile in her life. "I hadn't been called 'thin' since I was 12," Christine tells In Touch. Restricting her daily calorie intake to 1,250 for two years, Christine dropped 54 pounds off of her 5'4" frame. She favored the Fresco Bean Burrito (340 calories) and the Fresco Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco (170 calories) for lunches and dinners, but chose yogurt, oatmeal and grapefruit for breakfast and snacks.

Still, to finish her first marathon in only 4 hours and 29 minutes on November 7, Christine needed more than just few Mexican-flavored morsels to get her in marathon shape. In addition to running four to five times a week, she did weight training and cycling each two times a week. And she had her husband's support propelling her to her goal. "I'm really proud of myself," she says.

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