Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christian Bale's Family and Work Balancing Act

While he certainly engrosses himself in each and every role in which he takes, Christian Bale also makes sure to spend as much free time as possible focused on his parental duties.

The Golden Globe nominated actor was spotted doing just that while out in Santa Monica on Friday afternoon (December 17), as he lovingly helped his 5-year-old daughter Emmeline bundle up for the rainy weather after finishing up a tasty lunch at the Blue Plate Oysterette.

The sighting comes on the same day in which Bale's new movie "The Fighter" made its theatrical debut, with the movie about Irish boxer Mickey Ward earning $3.8 million on opening night to garner third place in the box office.

In the flick, which co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams, Christian portrays Ward's brother Dicky Eklund - who was expected to have a promising career in the ring which was thwarted by his battles with alcoholism.

Talking to MTV News about the need to include the family's lows in the film, Mr Bale dished, "[We said] 'Look, there's no story here unless we show the dregs. You've got to show the lows.' It's the roller coaster of their life that makes it a fascinating story. Each one individually doesn't make a movie, but you combine the two brothers, and there's a fascinating movie."

Continuing about including Dicky's woes in the picture, the 36-year-old said, "We [had] to show that side of it, and also condensing a life into two hours, you're taking some license. Initially, there were a lot of problems. Dicky would be saying, 'That's not how it went down. I said this not that' and 'He wasn't there at that point. He was over here.'

"[We told him] 'Right, but we've had to kind of blend these two scenes, because otherwise this movie is going to be years long.' So he came to understand that, but there were a couple of moments where I had to say, 'Dicky, don't go punch [director] David [O. Russell] now. Don't go punch him. It's all right, count to 10, let's figure it out.' And I'm sure David and Mark had to stop him from punching me and stuff."

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