Monday, December 27, 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua winner Fabio: ?It felt ecstatic!?

Up until the bitter end, it was anyone?s guess who?d take home the title of Sole Survivor Nicaragua last night, as the show?s finale delivered one of the closest in Survivor history. With Dan eliminated early in the night, Holly, Chase, Sash and Fabio became the final four to compete in the immunity challenge that would secure a place in the final three. With Fabio winning (marking his third immunity win in a row), it was a scramble back at camp with the others pleading not to be the one sent home.

Knowing that Sash was disliked by the majority of the jury, and Chase?s flip-flopping between alliances had alienated other jury members, it was decided Holly was the bigger threat and she?d be sent home, leaving the guys to face the jury of nine who had made it pretty clear that Sash may not even be in the running. After the votes were revealed, Fabio (a.k.a Jud) earned five votes to Chase?s four and became a million dollars richer. ?It felt ecstatic,? Fabio tells In Touch after hearing his name called as the winner. ?I knew Chase wanted to play with his heart and not lie, but I actually did it and that felt so good.?

?I love him,? runner-up Chase tells In Touch. ?He is an awesome guy and while I wished I could have beaten him? as long as he is smart with his money and looks after his mom, that is all I?m really thinking about.? With a million dollars in his pocket, 21-year-old Jud ?Fabio? Birza is looking forward to finishing arts college, doing some traveling, buying a car and enjoying life. Runner-up Chase Rice is about to launch his country music career while third-placer ?Sash? Lenahan (who has gained back the 40 pounds he lost while doing the show) is back to selling real estate in Manhattan.

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